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Chrome Youtube problem
For some reason when I add a Youtube video to a slide, it works great under IE and Firefox, but the video never loads under Chrome.  It just hangs with the background image with the loading graphic in front.  There's no JS errors, and here's the onl ...
by Justin in Report a Bug on 16 Aug 2012 02:31 AM
ETA on Responsive Version
We've used DreamSlider (and the previous Markit slider) for a couple of years as our preferred solution.  We had to switch to another product a few months ago as much of our work is responsive (adaptive rendering) and supports mobile devices.  I rec ...
by Spence Hackney in on 21 Jun 2012 10:47 AM
Problem with DNN5 and Dreamslider (Javascript)
Hi,Im using DNN 5.02.03. After installing the Version for DNN5 the modul will be displayed, but there are two problems:- On the site I have several errors concerning the scripts- In the administration i can't select another templateDetails:Benutzer- ...
by Stebi in Report a Bug on 08 Jun 2012 04:36 AM
RE: Slide content with scripts/jquery does not function
Please give me your email address and I will send you the URL and login credentials to access the site. Thank you!
by Bob in Report a Bug on 17 Apr 2012 07:43 AM
RE: Slide content with scripts/jquery does not function
Please send me your script or just provide me with a URL where I can see your module so that I can debug it? It's always easier that way if I can see it live on a webpage.
by Morteza Kermani in Report a Bug on 16 Apr 2012 08:54 AM
Slide content with scripts/jquery does not function
I have a Text/HTML module on my site that includes some jquery interactivity (image hover zoom effect hooking mouseover events). When I use this module "standalone" on a page, the jquery interactivity functions properly. If I display this ...
by Bob in Report a Bug on 02 Apr 2012 02:54 AM
RE: Issue with Loading Stacked Slides
I don't see stack issue any where. could you let me know URL of the page you have this issue? We plan to move our javascript core to jQuery so it is not possible to add this feature to our module at this time. we do it as soon as integrating it w ...
by Morteza Kermani in Report a Bug on 20 Nov 2011 06:24 AM
RE: Transparent Mask
Thanks for the reply.  We tried working with suggestion, but could not get it to do what we were wanting using this method.Here is an example of what we are trying to achieve.  There is a transparent PNG file being used for the border of the slider. ...
by dw in on 07 Nov 2011 09:42 AM


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